We write about personal finance! because conversation about it never stop coming up

What we do

memorable Insights and opinions

We create memorable connections with our audience through sharing insights and opinions about finance, ethics and trends in our word, creating effects that everyone loves.

real profit making ideas

Getting you new proven ideas for making money, it can be it is Micro-jobs or a new platform to attract and approach more clients

Searching new products

Searching for you the latest products in the sector that can be beneficial for you or for your business – with direct purchase here at the site or from our partners.

real people – Real challenges

Building a community of real people with common interests in personal finance and business opportunities that serves as a united buying force and but also support in front of daily challenges.


We all love talking about personal finance - hoping we can get it just a little better
We write about personal finance!

Living in our current world, the old exemptions and conclusions that were true for many years are becoming less relevant, the world is changing rapidly, and with the quantity of information out there it is almost impossible for us as humans to process... With pure love to this topic, our team members are constantly gathering around useful information, Inspiring and mind opening ideas as well as Practical tools to get your personal financial situation better.


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